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¡¡Management Diagnosis

¡¡During the process of long term operation, corporations continuously develop internal procedures . So some non-standard frames of reference are built, which is used to solve similar problems in the operation. However, with the process of time, these frames of reference have not fitted corporations¡¯ actual requirements of operation completely. Therefore, they gradually become impediments in a corporation¡¯s business and operation. Leaders of corporations are always busy with their daily work. So it is quite difficult for them to objectively analyze disadvantages and limitations of their corporations¡¯ operation without the restriction of traditions. Moreover, with the development of companies, different kinds of resources are increasing, including human resource, material resource, and funds. These resources will have great effects only when they are rationally arranged. However, leaders usually pay more attention to routines in the process of management, such as utilizing different kinds of resources in order to carry out some projects and reach some goals, while they may neglect the reasonable organization of available of resources, which will lead to a waste use of resources and high operation cost; or deficiency of resources will increase difficulty in achieving objectives, which will also influence implementation of next stage. No matter how much the deficiency of resources, utilization efficiency will be decreased and operation risk be increased. In addition, from department structure and composition, because of changes of holistic environment, actual affairs are increasing continuously. This should make executive departments adjust their function boundaries. However, with the continuous emergence of new affairs and problems and many temporary tasks distributed to any department in the process of solving problems, as time passes these tasks become functions of this department, but there are also some bottlenecks when actual business is done, which makes the operation of holistic business processes sluggish and inefficient. As a consulting company and external personnel of corporation, after diagnosis of operation and management of corporation, according to information and data, GCI helps leaders shake off restriction of routine in the corporate operation. This will make them find insufficiencies and disadvantages of resources allocation, collocation, and utilization in the operation management. Moreover, channels and methods of resources deep-seated exploiture potential and rational configuration will be developed, which makes leaders adequately recognize resources of organizations. Resources will be allocated rationally and then have a great effect, which becomes the basis of corporation development. Furthermore, based on sound allocation of resources, GCI will provide adjustment suggestions to the composition functions of corporation. This will make business process more smooth and improve the efficiency of holistic operation.

¡¡Over the course of many years, corporations form their own management systems. Because there are some unscientific factors in these systems, future development will be influenced. Moreover, corporations always adopt their own management methods, so it¡¯s not easy to find disadvantages of these methods. At the same time of pursuing high profit, it is quite difficult to find feasible ways to obtain high revenue. Therefore, the goal of management diagnosis is to help corporations detect incomplete parts in existing management system and to find ways of improvement. Our management diagnosis usually includes some steps as follows:

Preparation Phase Implementation Phase Analysis and report phase
  • Communication about corporate basic information
  • Corporate investigation plan

corporate internal investigation

  • Internal personnel interview
  • Iinternal information search

Corporate external investigation

  • Industry circumstance investigation
  • Region circumstance investigation
  • Product development investigation
  • Induction and analysis of information derived from investigation
  • Investigation result conclusion and report writing
  • Investigation report
  • Management improvement suggestion

¡¡The preparation phase is preparatory understanding about corporate information before diagnosis. Moreover, according to the corporation¡¯s organization structure, GCI will arrange diagnosis schedule to executive departments and important organization institutions and bring forward personnel requirements in order to improve diagnosis efficiency, information gains, effectiveness of analysis results, and pertinence of suggestions.

¡¡Implementation phase is the actual manipulation process of investigation and diagnosis, including internal investigation and external investigation. There will be some interviews to managers of executive departments and delegates of staff. At the same time, we will read internal files in order to get historical information, which makes us understand existing circumstances and disadvantages of corporate management from many angles. Furthermore, we will also analyze competition in industry in external investigation and provide effective management improvement suggestions combined with information obtained from internal investigation.

¡¡The analysis and report phase is end of whole implementation phase and significant part of diagnosis result analysis and conclusion. In this phase, we will sort, analyze, and summarize information gained from investigation in order to find existing abuses and disadvantages in management and to provide pertinent improvement suggestions. After the result analysis, we will report and explain detailed analysis results and improvement suggestions to corporation senior managers.



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