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¡¡Business Process Reengineering

What is BPR£¿According to the definition of BPR initiator, Dr. Michael Hammer in the Harvard University, BPR is ¡®the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business process to achieve dramatic improvement in critical measures of performance, such as cost, quality, service, and speed¡¯. Later this radical management idea grew with professors¡¯ supplementary and perfection. Nowadays the basic meaning of BPR centers on process operation, gets rid of restriction of traditional organizational allocation, and advocates face to clients, organizational flexibility, authorization, and information technology in order to fit for market changes quickly, including business improvement, optimization, and reengineering to some extent.
According to differences on bases, requirements, and degree on process optimization, GCI provides six kinds of process optimization services as follows.

Varieties of process optimization business

Work contents

- business process carding

- Base establishment of each executive department relating to process

- circumstance comprehension
- existing process description
- process carding

- iBPR

- BPR for ERP programming

- circumstance comprehension
- existing process description
- process carding and analysis
- process optimization report


- BPR for the process of changing the form of enterprise functions

- strategy perspicuity
- management diagnosis
- management mode design
- key process optimization
- organization and position design
- performance appraisal system design

- optimization on special business process

- adjustment and improvement on one function

- optimization on interior control process
- optimization on cost control process
- purchasing process optimization

- continuous amelioration on business process

- Improvement and perfection for corporations with good base


- continuous amelioration strategy on process
- risk analysis on process transformation
- process amelioration guidance



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