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 Corporate ERP Programming

Before the ERP institution, firms usually do the ERP programming, which could insure the ERP implementation surrounds the whole strategic goals of firms.

the ERP programming need solve these questions as follows:
existing informationization level in firm
priority and value of IT investment
existing IT system performance evaluation
connection between new system and existing system
information fabric that could satisfy the business growth in the future
information system institution is centralized or decentralized
Basic indexes design of the ERP is an important element of the ERP programming. Basic indexes fit for the objective description of ERP circumstance. When firms test themselves, these indexes could make them understand their own informationization circumstance. Hereby firms could do some horizontal activities comparative analyses. Basic indexes cannot be used on all-around evaluation and certification of the ERP level independently. Concrete index is composed of some elements as follows:

primary index

secondary index

index explanation

index data composition

strategic position

ERP attention rate

the degree of emphasis on informationization and informationization strategy fulfillment circumstance

the status of supreme leader on informationization; the level of CIO; the informationization programming and its budget.

basic construction

proportion of ERP investment in fixed assets investment

the proportion of investment on informationization

software, hardware, network, information human resource, communication equipment, and so on

the number of PCs per 100 staff

informationization basic establishment circumstance

large, middle, and small-size equipment; server; workstation; PC

the Internet capability level

informationization basic establishment circumstance

bandwidth of company¨s network

computer online rate

conditions of coordinated application on informationization

the proportion of computers connected with internal network

application circumstance

information technology coverage rate for information collectio

capabilities on gaining external information effectively and efficiently

Information skills application on collecting policy and regulation, market, sales, technology, management, and human resource

OAS application

OA circumstance based on Internet application

routine plan, document management, meeting management, message issuance, business discussion, E-MAIL, track and supervision of information process

informationization level for decision-making

support level of information technology to important decision-making


data analysis and transaction system, project preference system, artificial intelligence expert system, and so on

informationization level for core business process

the depth and extent of informationization on core business process

coverage and quality of main business process

company gate website level

corporate resources integration circumstance

service object range; service information provided

Internet marketing application

informationization level on operation

purchasing rate and sales rate on the Internet

application level for management informationization

management and application of information resources

management informationization application coverage rate and data integration level

human resources

human resource index

whole human resource condition for informationization

the proportion of people with junior college diploma in total staff

information skills popularization rate

capability of information application on human resource

the proportion of people with professional IT skills;informationization training coverage rate for curbstone IT people

e-learning level

company¨s learning capability and culture transformation

staff coverage rate in e-learning; learning fields chosen in e-learning


the proportion of information security fee in total informationization investmen


information security level

expenses on information security include software, hardware, training, and human resource

information security methods application

information security level

application of information backup, anti-trespass on, anti-virus, information security system, and security concept

benefit index

fund in hand use percentage

informationization benefit circumstance

the proportion of funds on stock average and total current funds

turnover rate of funds

informationization benefit circumstance

current funds turnover every year

financial final accounts velocity

informationization response level

the shortest time from one instruction of a final account to a whole final account completed

growth index

company performance

the rate of revenue and profit growth

estimation and analysis of informationization programming

  Firms could get nondimensional indexes through weighted indexes, which reflect the development of informationization. The weights are designed according to Delphi Principle, analytic hierarchy process, and policies. Informationization grade calculated is the whole and correct evaluation of firm¨s informationization, which is beneficial to informationization programming and could guide to implementation.

detailed programming

  According to the analysis of informationization indexes, firms could do detailed programming:

  1.organize informationization management department, and specify responsibilities of this department

  2.establish soft and hard platform, information integration step by step

  3.perfect soft and hard platform, management integration step by step

  4.BRP directed at key and bottleneck links in the management process, do ERP, CRM, and e-commerce, in order to improve the core competitive forces

Informationization Goals

eliminate information blind spot  adjust business process  improve response speed  lower the stock conversion  improve efficiency of production

reinforce cost management  improve distribution performance


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