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Constitution and control of financial budget

  With the rapid change of economic environment, corporate development is to a great extent influenced by external environment. As a part of the financial system, budget should be understood by each manager. In the process of making budget, organization could forecast revenue and resource requirements firstly, make budget according to forecast, and then supervise the budget investigation. Rational budget could guarantee that the corporation will function well. This also could make managers manage corporate development and control risks effectively so that companies can develop better.

Techniques on budget

budgeting process

budgeting preparation

Budgeting methods

sales budgeting、production budgeting、procurement budgeting、management budgeting、cash budgeting、capital budgeting

Budget principles

static budget、elastic budget、rolling budget、how to adjust budget when there are uncontrollable factors

budgeting result

Budgeting management

project management on budget

communication and harmony on budgeting

FAQ analysis on budgeting

Budge implementation

analysis and evaluation on budget implementation

expenses control on budget implementation

Budge implementation

analysis and investigation on budgeting and implementation

examination on budget


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