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 New Organization Management Consultation

   New organization management consultation is to establish the whole consultation process from staff management to marketing management for new organizations. This process includes recruiting management, organizational framework, performance examination, operation management, and marketing system establishment. Recruiting is the first step of new organization development. The criteria of recruiting show organizational position and goals in the future. Therefore, the recruiting management is quite important to new organizations.

GCI provides consulting services in recruiting management consultation as follows.
Specific recruiting criteria according to core intelligence model of the organization
Recruiting process and necessary tables
Recruitment and interview training for managers
Recommend senior talents for organizations

Clients will gain benefits as follows through our consultation:
Quite high success rate on recruitment
More normative recruitment process
Organization could gain midlevel and senior talents as soon as possible
Organizational framework management involves organizational structure, scientific work distribution, department post responsibility system, and quality control of staff. When constituting the internal framework, organizations should consider the internal control as well as the requirements of work. This will make the framework rational as well as refined. A whole layout about internal structure, responsibility, and work distribution is necessary.

We provide consultation services on organizational framework. The principles of framework are as follows:
Organizational structure according to organizational goals
Organizational structure according to organizational requirements
Post responsibilities fit for responsibilities of the department
Position of frameworks in different levels and mission of different managerial levels
Solving the problem of horizontal communication in order to make information transmission smooth and rapid

Clients will gain benefits as follows through our consultation:
Each department could exert its capability enough to achieve aims under the goals of the organization
High organizational performance and continuous growth
Organizational stability
Organizational simpleness is beneficial to internal harmony and human resource allocation
Organizational flexibility fits for the changes of environmental conditions as well as maintaining basic configuration
The equilibriums of organization and businesses of each department is beneficial to internal balance and work distribution
Managerial unity. If one people is leaded by more than two supervisors at the same time, he will think himself into a dilemma
Specifying power and responsibility. Power and responsibility confusion will make works repetition, pretermission, and buckpassing, which leads to make staff frustration.

Performance management is the bidirectional communication process between staff and managers on performance problems. Based on this communication the goals of performance development could be established in this process. Through this continuous communication performance capabilities will be trained, which help staff achieve performance goals. As a summing-up, managers examine performance of staff through scientific methods and instruments, establish performance grades, find out deficiencies, and then plan to ameliorate, which will help staff cover the shortages in performance improvement and encourage them to advancement.


Clients will gain benefits as follows through our consultation:

whole competitive forces improvement staff enthusiasm improvement staff work efficiency improvement
perfect work evaluation criteria establishment
From post-management to beforehand-management

marketing system establishment:
Marketing management consultation is composed of two parts, market and sales. Through exact diagnosis of corporate situation, GCI finds problems and incomplete parts in operation and provides pertinent implementation projects, which will improve veracity and effectiveness of project implementation. Based on this project, complicated marketing works will be adjusted and reengineered and ultimately an integrated marketing management process and system will be built, which could be implemented easily and suitable for a corporation. This marketing management system can help corporations form perfect clients (sales) networks, improve brand prominence and honor, build sales team with excellent skills and talents, and decrease unreasonable costs in order to improve revenue and profit and to achieve development goals better:

Marketing strategies include:
product strategy price strategy distribution strategy promotion strategy channel strategy market information collection and analysis
market promotion market budget management marketing department function training
Sales strategies include:
new clients exploitation sales process management sales forecast management sales analysis accounts receivable management
establishment of examination systems for sales workers in all levels after-service system
Clients will gain benefits as follows through our consultation:
excellent marketing system establishment
Advanced sales management system establishment, and sales management capability improvement
Specifying marketing and sales departments functions, and reducing clients loss because of internal harmony
excellent sales teams establishment
sales expenses reduction
sales revenue increase


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