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¡¡Executive Search Service

The Company
General Consulting International (GCI ) is a specialized consulting company that offers management consulting, Executive Search and International Adventure Education & Coaching. We provide professional and high quality management consulting services that are tailored to each client to help them boosting their business development. The executive search service was built as clients¡¯ needs to continue provide them outstanding human resource recruitment strategy. GCI¡¯s goal is to become a strategic partner in the growth and success of all our clients. We, therefore, have actively conducted executive search service to our clients internationally for years. It is part of our total services to provide top talents for our clients.

Executive Search Service

This service all revolves around the suitability of a candidate, how successful they have been within previous positions and their ability to fit into a new organization on a cultural level. These matches are imperative for success.

Recruitment agencies tend to use databases of people who are actively seeking employment, we believe however, that top performers have their heads down, busy being successful, and therefore do not register with such companies.

We at General Consulting International have been trained extensively to research, identify and handpick these top performers for your business. We find you the best there is out there, not the best of who¡¯s looking.

Using this process we have seen first hand the difference it has made to our clients in building a stronger more capable and dedicated team around them. So that our client can stay ahead of the competition with the right resources.

Why Use Us?
1. Most Qualified Candidate
One of the strengths of our client-centric service is the quality of candidates we can source. By assessing the ethos and culture of the host company, we are able to add a third dimension to the candidate profile enabling us to further qualify the suitability of the candidate. Our unique methods involve targeted headhunting rather than database referral, which from a quality aspect, provides our clients with an extraordinary level of service and excellent results.

2. Keep in touch with our clients and candidates
The highlight of General Consulting International success is the interactivity. we always maintain with our clients and candidates. Our success revolves around candidates sourced by us achieving graph breaking levels of success when they make laudable contributions to their new employers.

3. No Market limitation
Our services are not limited to any one market as our formula can be used within any given industry.

4. Unfailing positive result
Our proactive approach keeps both candidate and client in the information loop and makes the search experience to be unfailingly positive and productive.

5. Short repose time
Even in a very short time, we can usually establish dialogues between the company and a number of skilled candidates for a given job function.
We help companies through the whole process, from drawing up the qualifications profile to interviewing suitable candidates.

6. Cost-effective
It is often significantly more cost-effective to let us take responsibility for finding suitable candidates for a position.
The company avoids having to prepare advertisements, process applications, talk to possibly interested candidates and perhaps send several letters to all applicants. We manage the whole procedure and we are cost-effective. We have a unique business model based on competitive fees and processes reflecting quality and speed in execution

7. Different strategy based on client situation
We have different strategy for companies have been operating their business for years in China to analyzing the requirements and also advice HR strategy to win the business in china. And also for new investment companies to Analyzing the business projective, Combining clients¡¯ Culture and local HR Capital, The value of candidates for the clients and Win business profits and reputation in China.

Our Methodology

1. Analyzing and understanding
Our business revolves around analyzing and understanding of our client¡¯s needs. We take our win-win strategic moves by driving the Human Resources Management services. We are meticulous by learning foremost what makes our clients successful in the first place. Our consultants are professionals with real-world working experiences in many industries and are well trained to working with any different business culture - Local or Western.

2. Conducting a Search
As we are aware of the differences for every client¡¯s needs and every client is unique, we will make extra effort in finding out what will work and what will not. Thus, a search plan can be specially tailored by our consultants.
We will quickly draw up a list of the prospects through our extensive contacts in the targeted industries or through our existing database and networks according to the search plan. Any potential candidates with suitable education, backgrounds, personality and other traits will be identified very quickly. As the search continues, we will schedule the interviews with the most suitable candidates to assess their qualifications and motivation in a face to face environment.

3. Presenting candidates
We will present a short lists of all suitable candidates. It will contain the candidates¡¯ qualifications and details of their experiences and our professional views on his or her suitability. The client will then be in the best position to decide on the next move to select the ¡°preferred¡± candidates at this juncture.

4. Following up
Our work will still go on even after the offer is accepted by both parties. We usually continue to keep in contact with those successful candidates, as we see ourselves playing a role to smoothen the transition for the candidate as well as the client.


Confidentiality is the cornerstone of GCI¡¯s business ethnics and we are proud that we have such a tradition for our valued customer, as well as for our candidates.

Our Advantages of Conducting a Case

    • Offering a unique multiplex approach to fulfilling search and resource assignments
    • Industry knowledge, specialized experience, assessment skills, a blemish free reputation and an extensive database
    • Different strategy based on client situation to be a long term strategy business partner
    • Analyzing the recruitment cost & advise of HR Strategy for winning a business
    • Analyzing the business projective
    • Combining clients¡¯ Culture and local HR Capital
    • Win business profits and reputation in China


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