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 Corporate Consignation Operation Consultation

communicate with decision-makers;

interview with industrial experts;

collect and analyze second-hand information;

qualitative diagnosis;

market analysis on product and company'


main information and property of product (service)

specification and standard of product (service)

core technology of product (service)

The development of product (service) and its substitutes in the domestic and international markets

market demand of product (service) in one to five years

The sales circumstance of main products of company (project) in latest two years

Product cost and profit analysis of company (project) (simulant analysis and break-even point according to different sales)

Actual and planned throughput of product (service)

supply circumstance of raw materials to main product

characteristics and market competition of product or company

strengths and weaknesses of competitors

actual finance and capitals structure of company (project)

Actual organization, management, and decision-making modes of company (project)

Actual main financing channel and cost of company (project)

Actual financing demand and mode suggestions of company (project)

Main operation circumstance of company (project) (main business revenues, main business profits, total profits, after-tax profits, total assets, and net assets in latest 3 years)

Research and development expenses, equipments, and talents of company (project) in latest 3 years

Development, design, and expenses estimation on new technologies and products

Development plan and key kernel in the coming year

Development plan and key kernel in the coming 3 years

strategic and allied partners for development

organizational framework and management mode of company

Organizational human resource programming (wages system, training plans, and stimulation system, and so on)

Manufacture management, sales methods, sales channels, and sales plans in three years

The intervention modes of venture capitals to operation and management

Funds requirements and utilization plans in the coming 1!3 years

Payoff forecast, cash flow forecast, and assets and liabilities forecast in the next 3 years

Monthly cash flow forecast in the coming 12 months

Cash flow forecast in the coming 1!3 years

Investment periods and returns analysis on company (project)

forecast basis of main finance data

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