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corporate operation
In order to achieve organizational development strategic goals, these goals could be divided into some steps in operation and then managers plan works for each step. According to development acquirements, short-term, medium-term, and long-term business layouts and three-year, five-year, and ten-year operation plan. In terms of corporate goals, operation index in each stage should be confirmed and then distributed into each executive department. This will form department responsibilities and referenced information on work examination.

Through confirmation of each operation index, including finance budget and control management index, holding and control index of distribution forecast information system, optimization on production management index system, and so on. Corporate managers could control the whole operation through holding significant indexes.

According to changes of markets and competition environments, corporations should adjust product structures or product technologies in order to strengthen corporate core competitive forces in different operational stages. Therefore in the process of research and development of new products and technologies, effective project management will be benefit for not only improving efficiency and quality of project research and development but also seizing market opportunities and producing new products and technologies in good time in order to take the preemptive opportunities. Thus when approving and initiating projects, measuring of project market potential analysis, research and returns on investment is the precondition of exact project determination and the necessary work in order to ensure effective and efficient investment.

Corporate strategic goals and operation plans could be implemented only based on effective and efficient execution. Then the effectiveness and efficiency of execution means whether strategic goals could be achieved or not and implementation degree. In modern corporate management, should authority be centralized or decentralized? How to make leaders exert the most leadership? How to implement plans and correlative works to guarantee normal operation of the whole corporation and ordered running of each work? This is one of the most important works that should be observed and adjusted continuously in the process of growing and development.
Business Process
If a corporation wants to get victory in fierce competition and to build to last, in the final analysis organizational own capabilities will still be depended. A corporation can change resources, such as human and finance resource, to organizational capabilities through organizational process. Therefore organizational process is the decisive factor of corporate competitive forces. Rational business process is the base and precondition of highly efficient business operation. Operational efficiency of a corporation could be exerted enough only when the business process is rational. Leaders of Local companies, who have great goals, hope that managers and staff could help them achieve their objects. But they don¨t designate approaches of completing these objects. Thus organizational process of strategy implementation is not specific. Accordingly there are many problems, such as skip-level management and unsmooth information communication channel, which will influence the achievement of total strategic goals. For example, organizational process must include after services in order to improve customer satisfaction. After service is a process. These processes may be standard work process with clear rules, or activities from habits. Different results are from different activities. Thus when these processes form a system, capabilities and performances will be produced.


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