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 Corporate Investment Management Consultation

  Investment management is the activities to increase fund gross and to enlarge operation scale for short-term and long-term development. Therefore, investment management relates not only to increment fund management, but also to stock fund management. It is obvious that investment management is an important element of organizational management in modern companies. The quality of investment management will directly influence the survival and development of a company. Effective and efficient management on investment, on the one hand, can enlarge organizational size as soon as possible; on the other hand, is beneficial to sufficient utilization and quite rapid turnover of organizational funds. Organizational investment mainly focuses on new production facilities, merger, acquisition, and enlarging operation scale through investment on holding stocks.

#investment decision-making management
#investment feasibility analysis
#financing strategy
#implementation and steps on investment
#investment track management

Investment Concepts On Industry Investment Business
return on primary investment
#organizational intent
#manager capability
#organizational business advantage

features of the industry with object company
#traditional industry in mature phase, and growing industry
#industry with economy of scale
#industry with low public focus
#high-tech industry is not the object
#High industrial bulwark, possible profit forecast, and low demand income elasticity

Features of object company
#Experienced and enthusiastic management team, successful and unsuccessful experience, and history with payoff
#stable cash flow
#preferable debt structure (low debt rate)
#biggish cost reduction space
#high market share (industry leader)
#some stockholders rights and interests, real value underestimated
#there are some secondary capitals that can be removed
#exit from the industry sometime

object company size

mature industry
#yearly sales revenue is more than RMB 500 million
#net profit is more than RMB 30 million
#return rate on net capital is more than 20%
#growth rate on yearly profit is 15%--20%
growing industry
#net profit is more than RMB 15 million
# industrial regulation framer

motivations of owner¨s remising

owner will retire
owner wants to improve the return on cash
Company is not stable, and managers do not understand future development.

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